Advanced Research Strategies.

Advanced Research Strategies.
The aim of this module is to prepare for our final major project, so that when the next module begins in January I will have a clear plan of my intentions and exactly how to achieve my goals and make most effective use of my time throughout.
The final deliverables for this module are:
– A full research project proposal discussing in-depth the plans and research behind our project idea.
– A professional practice pack outlining possible routes into the photography industry, for example photo festivals, galleries, agencies, etc;
– This blog, recording our research and development over the module;
– A timetable for our final major project demonstrating how we are going to approach the different stages of work;
Over the next few weeks I will be using this blog as a reflective journal recording my research and development. Recording how I aim to construct the final pieces for submission.
To develop an advanced appreciation of investigative strategies, and the principles, production methods and planning required to deliver a photographic brief, by:

• Undertaking advanced research and conceptual strategies to inform the project and its development approach
• Learning advanced skills, including time and budget management (building on level 5 module skills)
• Understanding that advanced creative processes are supported by quality research and approaches
• Managing a brief in a professional capacity

Knowledge and Understanding

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

• Demonstrate the capacity to research as an integral part of project and conceptualisation planning
• Apply in-depth research, both academic and practical, in documentation and presentation outputs
• Critically assess the relevance of research to support a photographic project from conception to realisation
• Reflect on the principles of research in photographic practice and studio operations
• Professionally undertake and manage project planning, research, time, and resources.

Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes

On completion of this module students will have had the opportunity to:

• Develop a professional level of self-management skills
• Understand the principles, processes, and applications related to photographic practice
• Apply knowledge transfer to other relevant forms of creative production and problem-solving
• Undertake a professional level of research documentation and presentation
• Make a self-assessment of learning progress

This module is designed to prepare Level 6 students for their final major project Semester 2. Advanced Research Strategies affords students the opportunity to undertake an in-depth course of preparation with the aim that learners will effectively engage with their 40-credit Negotiated Major Photographic Project module rather than flounder or waste any of the valuable FMP twelve-week timeframe.

The teaching and learning throughout this module will assist students in exploring how they will undertake their FMP and students are encouraged to consider innovative approaches to the way they work. Through reflection and evaluation, staff and students will look at how all aspects of research can contribute to the realisation of a dynamic body of work.
Informed research lies at the heart of engaging photography, without understanding how to do research and why it is valuable, a photographer is unlikely to grasp the full potential for the medium and for their own developing practice. This module presents students of photography with a range of tools and ideas to assist them in engaging with the research process and how to work as a reflective practitioner throughout their Negotiated Major Photographic and beyond.

A CD containing
A copy of your final developed research project proposal
A copy of your proposed timetable / planner for your forthcoming 40–credit Negotiated Major Photographic module
A copy of your personalised and developed professional practice pack
A PDF of your research Blog and a ‘Word’ document containing the address of your online Blog

Students should also provide evidence of the development of associated practical outcomes / experimentation in respect to their stated research proposal. E.g. digital examples of work in progress.

Students are also required to submit the following:
A printout of your final developed research project proposal

Any physical evidence of the development of associated practical outcomes / experimentation in respect to your stated research proposal. E.g. test prints, mock-ups of business cards or zines etc.

1 x printout of your personalised and developed professional practice pack


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