Ethics of lust

Ethics of Lust

The laws surrounding what you can and cannot show of your own body in public are so complex and convoluted

This article is, on the most part an argument supporting public breastfeeding – whilst this isn’t directly linked to my project on many levels it draws certain parallels.

For one, this idea of public nudity and what is deemed decent is strongly dependent on the scenarios and the subject (i.e arguments about plus size women, who’s public nudity is more heavily criticized – potential link back to my thoughts that men dismiss un-aetsetically pleasing women(?)

Addi tonally – it all links back to the general point of interest for my FMP – looking at human behavior and how we act/react to given stimuli. In this case the debate surrounding public nudity.

From a photography point of view it would be interesting to capture these responses… even if not a potential avenue or point of interest specifically this idea directly feeds into my interest of human behavior and social situations, public performance and so on.

“Like most other laws regarding sexuality, whether nudity in public is illegal or not hinges on a very subjective idea of “decency” – or even “properness” in regards to breastfeeding in public. The hardest part about writing this article was finding an exact amount of skin that constituted being “indecent,” as it varied so much depending on social mores and content”


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