(initial research) Peaceful Single Girl



Do Guys Really Objectify Scantily Clad Women?

This article was found on a blog titled ‘Peaceful Single Girl.’ Which is an advice blog/forum for Christian girls (Biblical, Christian Relationship Advice for Young Women)

In relation to this I found it a very interesting read, despite being aware it will likely be of little use in forming my own research conclusions and ideas as it is aimed at a very small proportion of the population, that being said it is absolutely relevant, again in relation to my idea of exploring the way women are viewed in terms of their clothing choices and what is deemed acceptable in different public spaces. For example. A woman scantily clad taking her children to school/doing the weekly shopping = whore/slut/hussy ect whereas a complete reversal of this situation would be a woman in slouch/casual wear in a nightclub/bar where social stereotype would make this woman a lesbian.

Regardless of this site being a Christian relationship advice site it still states some research which has been carried out. The research is draws upon to make it’s points still have relevance to my topic of interest, albeit their opinions potentially too narrow.

“There was a small study done in Princeton in 2008 to determine how men perceive women when women are clothed modestly vs clothed in bikinis.”


“When guys saw pictures of women fully (modestly) clothed, the men’s brains lit up as recognizing another person with thoughts, emotions and feelings – another human being.  But when the men looked at pictures of women in bikinis, some men’s brains lit up in the area that usually would be active when looking at tools – not people.  And the same men’s brains didn’t show activity in the frontal lobe that shows recognition of a human with emotions, value and feelings.   (The only other time that researchers saw this “Dehumanization” was when people looked at homeless people and try to not think of them as people.)  This did not happen with all the men.  And this phenomenon appears to be overridable by the man.  But it is a BIG deal and I believe all girls and women need to be aware of this reality for some guys.”

As I read on in the article I found some advice for young women on how to avoid becoming a sexual commodity which I found interesting and hilarious. It’s insane that such indoctrination still exists, using biblical texts to control and make people conform, drawing on real life situations and research to better enhance the message of a biblical text.


“Some ways to UP the modesty factor (I am not about measuring hemlines and giving strict rules – these things are some suggestions, but this is between you and God!):

– Skirts (preferably to the knees or lower, not the tight ones) hide the whole crotch, and rear area and will help keep the temptation level much lower WHILE they show off that you are a girl and that you look feminine!

– Flowing pants that don’t reveal the curve of your rear end and show exactly where your crotch is will help keep a guy’s temptation to lust down considerably for most men.

– Tops need to not show any bra straps, cleavage, or midriffs even when you lean over, shouldn’t be skin tight and they need to not be sheer!  Yes, this is frustrating!  Yes, it is harder to find clothing when you add all of these requirements.  But it is worth it in the light of eternity if you can help keep guys from stumbling over your body.  It doesn’t matter what your shape or size or weight is – your body needs to be covered up or you will be a temptation!  You can get modest camis or tank tops to put under more low cut tops to help with this so you don’t have to discard your entire wardrobe!”


I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety… not with (extravagant outward adornment) but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.  I Timothy 1:9-10. 

“Some guys have more issues with this than others… but how WE dress is our responsibility.   I believe that God desires us to cover our bodies in a way that allows men to treat us with dignity and respect and to help keep them from stumbling into lust.  This protects us from unwanted sexual advances and temptations, and it keeps us from becoming an image in a man’s brain that he can pull up willingly or unwillingly and lust over many times later.”


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