Truck driver ‘was looking at pictures of women on Facebook’ when he crashed into emergency vehicles, killing police officer

Initial research 

“Truck driver ‘was looking at pictures of women on Facebook’ when he crashed into emergency vehicles, killing police officer.”


A truck driver was using his phone to look at pictures of women on Facebook when he crashed into three police cars and two police trucks, killing a police officer.

The whole incident was captured on the driver’s dash-cam and shows the heart stopping moment Jorge Espinoza ploughs into the emergency vehicles at 65mph on an Arizona interstate.
The thing I always find really interesting about articles like this is the comments from readers on the feed below;

“What an absolute shame that a great person had to lose his life over another man’s inability to contain his sexual desires. Vehicles can be replaced, but this officer’s life cannot. The most shamefull thing about this, is the fact that I see this type of behavior on a daily basis while on the road. While it’s mostly younger people on thier phones, I do see older people doing the same. I’ve even seen soccer moms texting while driving with a van load of children. Several times I’ve driven up next to them and yelled for the to get off their damned phone and pay attention. These *$&$%es get real upset when you do that but ther fact is, their deeply narcisistic actions endanger everyopne else on the road. The sad thing is, you cannot legislate against stupidity and narcisisism!”

This post was mainly of interest to me (added to my reading list of potential informative content) in relation to my idea of exploring the way women are viewed by men and women according to their attire and the social situation. I feel an un-aesthetically pleasing woman walking down the street would likely be dismissed by male onlookers whereas one scantily clad would arouse a different response (feeding into this idea of distraction) and also the scientific studies showing mens reaction to sexually stimulating imagery.

In conjunction to this, i’m equally at interested in the way in which women view other women, and how in social situation – ie every day scenario, shopping, taking kids to school ect a scantily clad woman would be viewed by another woman as a slut/whore/hussy/slag ect.


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