Shanghai Subway Tells Scantily Clad Women To Expect Sexual Harassment

“Shanghai Subway Tells Scantily Clad Women To Expect Sexual Harassment”

It’s a bizarre incident that showcases just how far women’s rights still have to go in China. On June 20, tweeting from its official account on Sina Weibo, China’s twitter, Shanghai’s Number 2 Subway Line published a snapshot of a female passenger in a semi-transparent outfit and commented: “If that’s what you wear on a subway, then no wonder you will be sexually harassed!”
This was an interesting read for me, and although it is important to acknowledge that this is a case in China and that socially accepted norms are culturally specific, I still feel it is relevant for me to understand how varied the social norms actually are, thus making my final project more effective.
In other articles I have highlighted on this blog, debates around public nudity arise, here, in China, this woman is simply wearing a semi-transparent dress and still receives a volume of hatred and horrifying comments suggesting sexual harassment is justified due to her chosen outfit.
I find it so interesting, aside from being outraged that any community can justify sexual harassment regardless of the situation.
In relation to this, I must consider (as previously acknowledged briefly) the social norms adopted by my audience. Again, age, gender, sexuality, religion, social status, and many other factors can be of effect here.
Researching into cases such as this one will only help widen my understanding of my audience and help me consider cases where members of other communities are living in England but do not necessarily adopt the same attitudes and beliefs.

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