DiCorcia – HEADS

This series of images was created between 1999 – 2001 in Times Square, New York. The body of work is classed as street photography and was achieved when DiCorcia rigged strobe lighting to scaffolding on a sidewalk. DiCorcia focused his camera on a predetermined point from roughly twenty feet away. When a subject he considered suitable passed through this “X” marked area, DiCorcia would capture his image, triggering the strobes which created an almost blacked out background therefore focusing attention on the heads and shoulders of his unknowing subjects.  The resulting images show people that are absorbed in their own worlds and thoughts, readable only through the expressions on their faces.
The effect that DiCorcia achieved was obviously done so in very contrived circumstances, although the participation of the actual subject was unknowing (until after the strobes had fired at least!) The fact that it took DiCorcia almost 3 years to complete this work indicates also that there were likely many people who he did not feel suitable to have their image captured – implying that he chose people who were somewhat interesting in his eyes. This is similar to how I intend to approach the capture of my final series – I will select my subject(s) for the expressions they are displaying, a necessity given that some some people do not display emotion in their faces as much as others and the intended purpose being to capture that emotion.
3_markoncain 683 index 21.27.47 philip-lorca-dicorcia-head8

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