Footfalls 2006 | Tmema (Golan Levin & Zachary Lieberman)

Footfalls (2006, by Tmema [Golan Levin & Zachary Lieberman]) is an interactive audiovisual installation in which the stomping of the visitors’ feet creates cascading avalanches of bouncy virtual forms.

Footfalls was commissioned in July 2006 by the NTT InterCommunicationsCenter (ICC), Tokyo, for their solo exhibition of Tmema projects. The project developed as an outgrowth of the “Bubbles” module from our Messa di Voce installation. In Footfalls, stepping and stomping sounds produced by the visitors’ feet are detected by microphones under the floor, and used to govern the size and number of virtual objects that fall from a six-meter high projection. The harder the visitors stomp, the more items fall. Using their silhouettes, visitors can then “catch” and “throw” these projected objects around.



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