The arts council – Funding and eligibility

Who can apply

Our grants are for individuals, organisations involved in arts related activity and other people who use the arts in their work.

We can only make grants to individuals and organisations based within the European Union.

What you can apply for

Grants for the arts is the Arts Council’s open access funding programme, and is designed to allow us to support a wide variety of arts-related activities.

Activities we support must be clearly related to the arts and must be project-based, up to a maximum of three years in length. This means that an activity must happen for a defined period of time, with a start and end date and its own objectives to be achieved in that time. This is to distinguish project funding from regular or ongoing funding, which we do not provide through Grants for the arts.

We can normally fund up to 90 per cent of the cost of an activity.


There are some types of activity where eligibility is more complicated. For example:

  • Film and video
  • Activities or events that mainly take place outside England
  • The purchase of second-hand equipment

If you are applying these types of activity we recommend that you also read our additional guidance and information sheets.

Our other funding programmes

Some of our other funding programmes focus on specific types of activity, such as touring, capital (building) projects or organisational development work. You may wish to look at the application materials for some of our other programmes to make sure that Grants for the arts is the most appropriate programme for your activity.


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