Test shots and filming

I used the studio at uni and fellow students to test out lighting for elements of my FMP – in particular the kiss.

I wanted to play with colored gels and a silhouette effect in order to create imagery that at a distance could be reminiscent of ink blots.

I feel the movement that will be visible during the kiss videos will be quite fluid and almost hypnotic which would kinda of induce a feeling of the relationship between drug taking, hedonistic youth., partying and spontaneous sexual encounters.

In post production I have played around with outlines and various other effects – I have worked out how to alter the colour balance in order to make the colours more intense thus enhancing the shapes created by the silhouettes.


I tried using more lighting on my subjects and various camera settings to highlight details about the subjects but feel the silhouette effect works much better as focus the viewers attention onto the movements and activity of kissing. It also makes the clips more anonymous and in some instances genderless also which should be interesting when a variety of subjects are involved.



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